Half-smoked sausage
Half-smoked sausage from "Azizi" - products from mincemeat encased in a casing subjected to roasting, cooking, smoking and drying. They have greater stability during storage than cooked ones, because they contain less moisture, more fat and exposed to smoking, and sometimes to drying.
Boiled sausages
Boiled sausages from "Azizi" company - a separate group of meat products, which differ in method and production technology. Among them are the dietary sausages that loved by both adults and children. Gastro and beneficial properties of the cooked sausage is directly dependent on the components that comprise 30% of the meat. Additionally, there is a cooked sausage salt and about 8% of starch in it.
Sausages and wieners
Sausages and wieners from "Azizi" company - a sausage product can rightly be attributed to one of the most popular and demanded food. Its original name sausages obtained thanks to the French language and the word “saucisse”, which has been successfully transformed into a Russian version of the name of the sausage. By its nature and properties of the sausages - it is nothing like a kind of small-sized boiled sausages.
Meat delicacies
Meat delicacies from "Azizi" companies - are products that are made from high-grade meat. For delicacies meat is firstly kept in the brine of the spices and then cooked and smoked in a thermo-cameras. The unique flavor and appetizing color of meat delicacies gives the smoking process with wood chips smoke.